Solving DX challenges: Let's introduce Elixir to replace outdated systems with modern ones and bring them in-house. By doing so, you will develop the mindset essential for DX within your company.

Let's start with DX by reviewing our legacy systems.

Are you wasting valuable IT human resources by operating outdated systems in your company? In order to promote DX, securing and training IT personnel is a pressing issue for companies. As a way to solve these DX issues, CoreGenic recommends that you start by replacing your old systems with the Elixir language.

Do we need to switch to the latest language (Elixir) to practice DX?

Adopting a new, sophisticated language instead of the legacy language you've been using will foster the mindset (thinking style) essential for DX within your company. An organization that develops in a new, sophisticated language not only refreshes the mindset of its engineers, but also attracts the attention of the digital native generation, the future of DX talent, which in turn attracts candidates for the next generation of DX leaders.

Elixir, a sophisticated new language, is the perfect language for the Society 5.0 era. "Elixir is capable of efficiently processing large amounts of traffic in a short period of time, and is resistant to failures.

2021 Developer Survey ( contains the results of a survey of engineers around the world about what they want and how they develop in what kind of environment. Elixir is one of the top five most popular programming languages among engineers.

Replacing your current web services or outdated in-house systems

In the world of IT, technology is advancing at an ever-increasing pace, and soon systems and software will become outdated. In addition, the amount of data is increasing daily, and systems that used to function comfortably and crisply will become slower and more unstable as they age.

For such problems, our engineers, who are well versed in Elixir performance, and your in-house engineers can work together to solve the problems of your own system and DX by replacing it with a modern system that takes into account quality, operability, operability, and safety.

Examples of issues with the system currently in operation

Solving Problems by Introducing Elixir

By developing in the next generation language "Elixir", we will be able to improve the slow operation and provide high quality services.

Elixir excels at asynchronous, iterative, and background processing, making it ideal for processing tens of thousands of members. For example, in parallel programming using Elixir, the conversion of a 1-minute video can be done in a short period of time by dividing the video into 60 1-minute segments, processing them, and then combining them again. For example, in parallel programming using Elixir, converting a 1-minute video can be done in a short time by dividing the 1-minute video into 60 parts, processing them, and then combining them.

With Elixir's development framework Phoenix LiveView, front-end development can make your website UI richer and provide a comfortable, stress-free service. And since front-end development can be efficiently separated from back-end development, you can always keep up with web design trends to convey the reliability and cutting-edge nature of your system.

Customers who do not want to spend too much time and money on development will also be satisfied.

Since Coregenik conducts agile development, we can shorten the time to service launch and flexibly respond to changes in specifications and requirements during the development process, so no time or money is wasted.

Features of agile development using Elixir to foster a DX mindset

For companies that are worried that they don't have engineers who can run Elixir in-house, we also offer Elixir training.

If you are interested in the advantages of Elixir, but don't have an engineer who can run it in-house, Elixir is an easy-to-learn and highly productive language with a Ruby-like syntax, making it a good choice for in-house engineers to learn.

Elixir is an easy to learn and productive language that is suitable for in-house engineers to learn. Elixir is a functional language that does not fall into the trap of object-oriented programming, although it is difficult to create concurrent programming without making mistakes with object-oriented programming.

We also provide training on Elixir development by our CEO, Mr. Kuroda, who is the author of Elixir Practical Guide. Based on our past experience, introducing a new language and interacting with external engineers tends to refresh our internal engineers and increase their performance. We hope you will also use our "Elixier" training to renew your overall system architecture for the next 10 to 20 years.

About Elixir
  • Elixir is a language developed by the core engineers of the early days of Ruby on Rails, using their experiences and reflections. The good parts of the know-how cultivated in Ruby on Rails have been inherited as it is, and a wide variety of related libraries have been created to support various new technologies, allowing you to try out new technologies right away.
  • The Phoenix Framework, the legitimate successor to Ruby on Rails, reduces the development burden of SPA development, security measures, validation processes, etc., and allows developers to focus on the development of the original application functionality, thus increasing development efficiency. It also allows developers to focus on the development of the original application functions, thus increasing development efficiency.
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