Web developer assistant (remote)

Job description
Assist in the development of an order and inventory management system using Ruby on Rails and Vue.js. This is a project directly commissioned by our client. Currently, we have a 3-person team in progress. You will join this team remotely. We will use Slack/Zoom to discuss specifications, schedule, etc.
Employment status
Part time (about 10 hours a week)
Work place
Your home
Employment period
August 2020-October 2020 (possible extension)
Application conditions
Over 18 years old. Ability to read and write in Japanese or English. Regardless of nationality or gender.
Number of hires
Hourly wage 1,500 yen (negotiable)
Experience in web development is preferred, but not an absolute requirement. We will make a comprehensive selection based on your aptitude as an engineer and compatibility with the team.