Ruby on Rails

Web application development with Ruby on Rails

Web application development with Ruby on Rails Since our founding in 2007, we have realized the ideas of many startup companies as a development company specializing in Ruby on Rails.

Their ideas vary, but the common feature is that SaaS for organizations (corporates, communities). The system is used by multiple organizations. Each organization has multiple members, and each member solves various issues using SaaS.

Ruby on Rails is very suitable for developing web-based systems with such a hierarchical structure in a short period of time.

Ruby on Rails: Classic in web development

Since its spectacular appearance in 2005, Ruby on Rails has attracted many programmers. Initially, few companies accepted it, but in the 2010s it was considered the foundation of web development.

Improvements to Ruby on Rails are progressing steadily. Version 6.0 was released in summer 2019.

With the rise of other development frameworks influenced by Ruby on Rails, recently it seems that the popularity of Ruby on Rails has started to be a little shady. However, once widely accepted technology does not go away soon. We expect that Ruby on Rails will continue to be the classic of web development.

Where we are good at

Our customers include companies other than startups. A company wanted to re-create a business system developed around 2000 with Ruby on Rails and consulted with us.

The business system was developed with an older version of Perl. The design document was lost or did not exist in the first place. The database design as it was also did not match the Ruby on Rails app.

The first thing we did was to create a script to migrate the database. Then, while struggling with the Perl source code, we examined the specifications of the business system and reimplemented it in Ruby.

We have received some work to rejuvenate legacy systems written in languages ​​other than Ruby (Java, PHP, etc.) by rewriting them in Ruby. This is where we are good at.