What is TeamGenik

How wonderful it would be if anyone could develop a web app with just a little effort. That's why we started developing TeamGenik.

Have you ever wished for an app like this? Try making it right away with TeamGenik. Then publish it on the TeamGenik market.

Your web apps may be used by people all over the world. You may make friends all over the world with your web apps. People around the world may be crazy about your web apps. People around the world may bless your web apps. A lot of exciting possibilities are waiting.

Please try Teamenik to support your creativity. With a little hint, a little ingenuity, a little idea, TeamGenik makes life, society and the future convenient and fun. TeamGenik is full of possibilities.

We will continue to develop the TeamGenik service for the realization of everyone's dreams toward the release of autumn 2024.

Why we planned TeamGenik

Since our founding in 2007, we have supported system development for many Web startups. Among them, we have repeatedly looked at examples where the budget was exhausted even though it was an attractive project and the service could not be started, and examples where the service usage was not expanded due to insufficient advertising expenses.

Thinking about how to solve this problem, we planned a new platform called TeamGenik.

Simply put, TeamGenik is a fusion of a web application development platform and SNS. TeamGenik users can develop mini apps on the browser. Even if you don't have programming experience, you can make it with almost by mouse operation.

TeamGenik users can also create a mini SNS that they own, recruit members, and participate for free or for a fee. The mini app developed by the owner is used by members of this mini SNS. In addition, mini apps are provided free of charge to other mini SNSs that are innumerable. Users who develop mini apps can earn money from their sales.

We have begun developing this TeamGenik in the winter of 2019. We plan to release the version 1.0 in the autumn of 2024.